Why Start With Free Slot Machine Games For French Players?

Do you want to discover the world of online casino? Slot machines, the most famous and popular game in casinos, exist on the internet in a free version. It’s a great way to start. Let’s find out why.

Find the right online casino

If you’ve never deposited money at a casino, it makes sense to be a little apprehensive. Most casinos offer completely free versions which are often referred to as “play money”. It is ideal to discover without constraint the site, its machines, its ergonomics …

Research which are the best French online casinos , open an account with them and find the one that gives you the most entertainment!

A perfect alternative for your learning

Playing on a slot machine is very easy. You choose the stake and press the button to make the reels start to spin. However, a real casino player, and a potential winner, thinks more.

What is the maximum stake and the minimum stake on the machine? How many lines should I play? What is the ratio of possible winnings depending on your stake? What is the rate of return paid to players? Are free spins often won?

Learn how to look for this information before playing a slot machine. This will allow you to find the one that offers the best chances of winning money (and it is rarely the most recent machine put forward everywhere on the site) and which is in line with your bankroll (your dedicated amount of money). games).

No money pressure

Some people have no emotional difficulty in gambling. For others, and sometimes wealthy, betting a few cents creates a high level of stress.

If you are that type of person, the best French and free online slot machines will allow you to familiarize yourself with the game with peace of mind.

Try to figure out how to manage your nest egg. It can be frustrating to bet too little, but if you play the maximum amount on all lines you can lose your bankroll in a matter of minutes.

Feel free to try other games where strategy is more important such as blackjack . The absence of real money gives you the perfect simulation to develop your understanding of casino games and your betting techniques.

A certain fun

First and foremost, a slot machine is fun. Spin the reels, lose, win, hit a jackpot: all these actions give you pleasure.

If you do not know yet, test via a slot machine available for French users and free. Then, depending on your impressions, you can move on to paid games which only increase these emotions tenfold.…

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How To Play Small Pairs In Poker?

When you are at the poker table you can play a pair of aces or 7-2. American players even say “it’s a no brainer” (which can be translated as “it’s obvious”).

But, other hands are more complicated to play at a poker table. This is the case with suited connectors (ex: 87 of spades, 76 of diamonds) or small pairs.

How to play these last? A novice player fears or overestimates them, while the discerning player sees in these hands a devastating potential to be played with mastery.

What are small pairs in poker?

Before I tell you how to play a small pair, I want to make sure you understand what it really is.

A small pair equals the following hands: 22, 33, 44, 55, 66.

For your information, we speak of an average pair for 77, 88, 99, TT (TT, or “ten ten”, is used to write a pair of 10s on forums and poker books).

The high pairs, called “overpairs”, are the figures such as JJ, QQ, KK, AA.

How to play well small pairs in poker?

Do not die with

Since getting a pair in hands already gives you one of the potentially winning poker hands , you can tend to overestimate it.

On low stakes in cash games, if you have one player raising preflop before your turn, a second raising, a third calling, chances are your small pair is behind.

However, if you go all-in with a small pair against a higher pair, you only have a 1 in 5 chance of winning.

Therefore, you should be aware that a small pair is not unbeatable.

Understand their strength in HU

However, I would like to quickly qualify my remarks. A pair remains a “hand made”. Against a wide range of hands, you are generally in a good preflop position.

This means that when you are in HU (= heads up, heads up) only a few hands can be ahead of you before the flop.

For this reason, all tournament players never hesitate to hit the stack when they have a low stack with a small pair when another player raises. Likewise, they sometimes follow rugs with a small pair.

If you have 22 against AK or AQ, you are very slightly favored with a 52% chance of winning the hand!

Look for the right odds

The other way to play a small pair is to take advantage of the odds and hope to hit a set on the flop and win big.

Let us take a concrete example. You have 55 and are playing against a very tight player who is only raising their big hands and playing them hard. You have a stack of 10,000 and so does he.

You raise to 300, he raises to 750. You only have 450 to add for a pot that is over 1150 + the blinds. The odds remain high, but knowing that if you hit your set, you have a good chance of taking everything, you have to pay.

If he has AK and the flop is A85, he will have great difficulty not offering his full stack!

On the other hand, if he raises to 1500 or has a stack of 3000, the odds get worse and you’d better fold to his reraise.

Be aware of your post-flop skills

The “push or fold” technique (stack or discarded cards) is often appreciated by good players at the end of the tournament with a small stack and a small pair.

But, if you have a big stack, you’re not going to send 100 blinds with your small pair. The only hands that would pay would be the better ones.

Post-flop play then becomes necessary. It is not always easy and beginners often end up lost. It is important to quickly develop “ranges” of hands for your opponents. The range is a panel of hands he can have.

Then, determine the continuation of your game according to this range and the bets. Sometimes you will call three bets to detect a bluff from your opponent, sometimes you will fold on the flop with only one card higher than your pair.

Post-flop skills are the most difficult to develop. Starting to play small pairs is a good way to acquire them. But, never forget the previous advice: don’t overestimate, don’t underestimate and think about the odds.…

5 Tips To Become A Winning Online Poker Player

How To Make Money Online Poker? This is the question most often asked by those close to me when I tell them about my passion for the game. Whether you’ve played “live” before or are a complete beginner, the transition to online poker can be complicated.

However, the right habits, the right tools, and the right mindset can accomplish great things. Here are several tips that will help new players to win online poker.

Start by playing low limit tables

It is always good to make your mark when starting with low limit tables. The cheapest are NL2 (i.e. blinds 0.01 / 0.02 € and a max buy-in of 2 €). These are good limits if you barely know the rules. If you already play poker, I recommend the NL10, or even the NL25, to have a more serious game and suffer less from rake. Rake is the commissions taken by the poker software on each hand. Their amount makes profitability more complicated at low limits.

This advice also applies if you are a poker player who is used to playing NL200 or NL500 casinos. Online poker is very, very different. The level is raised to such limits whereas in a casino, with tourists looking for adrenaline, it is more common to have mostly bad players even if there is a lot of money at stake.

Become Familiar With Aspects Of Online Poker

It can be confusing to play poker online. You feel like you’re playing a video game, and not a card game with money in the middle of the table. Features like free time (reserve time to think about a hand), automatic rebuy (put money back on the table automatically when you go below 100 blinds), history features and more require a bit of learning.

We must also be interested in other aspects than the simple game. How does the lobby of the site work to find the best tables and the best poker tournaments? How to control your raise with the cursor? What is the loyalty program and the possible bonuses?

In addition, you have to know how to cash in the speed of online poker. Live, you play between 10 and 20 hands per hour in a French casino. This figure is at least tripled for a 6 player online cash game table. This means more opportunities to have good hands, but also requires increased focus.

Start with a single table

One of the big differences in online poker is that you can play multiple tables at the same time. Indeed, you do not go to a classic casino to put chips on two tables and run between your two places each time to play or not. With the software, it is very easy to have several tables open.

But, this ease leads to a common mistake: playing too many tables at the same time. There are a few players who have made it their specialty to play more than twenty tables at the same time and remain big winners. But, in reality, many lose profitability by wanting to play too much. This was the case when I tried 20 table sessions, but also when I hit 8 tables. My best game is at 4 tables and up to 6 it can still be worth it.

When you are starting out, play one or even two tables. Familiarize yourself with the players’ habits, the use of the poker site, and try to guess who has what with each hand. It is the best reflex to take to develop your expertise.

Create a distraction-free play area

In online poker, you no longer have the physical stress of sitting at the table. With this in mind, the only distractions are then your thoughts or watching the beautiful girl or the handsome man passing in the aisle of the casino …

On your computer, it’s easy to find distractions during games. It could be watching a movie, browsing websites, participating in forums, working, making a phone call… These distractions occupy your brain, but can cause costly mistakes.

Develop habits that show you see poker as a serious occupation. For my part, I eliminate all web browsing, listen to music and play on a screen where only the poker tables and the software lobby appear. As my female dogs stick to me all the time, I start each session by letting them settle in comfortably and once they don’t move anymore I start.

I also play well on a desk, a bed or a sofa. The main thing is really to form your bubble. Thus, you can play several tables while concentrating perfectly.

Using poker software

Software like trackers is a big help in poker. For years I have used software like Hold’em Manager and Poker Tracker. A few years ago, it was even possible to buy hand histories. So when you sat down at a player’s table, you had plenty of information about the player you are meeting (eg number of raises preflop).

Poker sites have made it their business to fight this type of software and some like Pokerstars even prevent the player from playing when they detect software. However, there are still some. It’s a good thing to pick one up when you start playing really seriously.

But, there are other tools you can use. The easiest way is to calculate the odds. For example, you paid for a raffle and are wondering if it was a good thing to do so. Go to software like Cardplayer’s, enter the info and see how many chances you had to win. It’s great for learning the main odds of poker.